Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do You Know About These 11 Bizarre Pepsi Flavors

Everybody wants to drink Different Flavor of Soft Drinks to change the Taste. That's why he tastes a lot of Flavors of "Pepsi" and "Colas".
But here are some Bizarre Flavors of "Pepsi" that we seldom see in the Market.
Which you might not know at all because they only sell in certain Countries.
Not sure how is the taste but I love their name, sounds cool…

1. Pepsi Fire - Pepsi Ice

Pepsi Fire and Pepsi Ice were introduced recently in Asian Countries such as Singapore and Mexico. Pepsi Fire has a Hot Cinamon or Ginger Flavor and Pepsi Ice a Cool Blue Mint Taste. Some crazy tasters will mix the two, for a real Hot and Cold experience.

2. Pepsi Throwback

The Throwback line is a brand of soft drink sold by Pepsi in the United States and Canada for its flagship Pepsi and Mountain Dew brands. The drinks, called Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, are named as such because they are flavored with Natural Sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup, which Soft Drink companies used to replace Sugar in the 1980s. In addition, these drinks use Retro Packaging. It also doesn't contain Citric Acid.

3. Pepsi Summer Mix

Pepsi with Tropical Fruit Flavors. Released in early Spring of 2007 and was discontinued Fall to Winter of 2007. Available in limited Areas only and was a big hit for the North-Eastern United States.

4. Pepsi Samba

A "Tropical Flavoured Cola" containing the flavors Mango & Tamarind, distributed in Australia and could be found in some shops at Spain. It was released in Australia in the 3rd Quarter of 2005 and was expected to be in production for a limited time only.

5. Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Limited Edition Green, Cucumber-Flavored Pepsi sold in Japan in summer 2007

6. Pepsi Holiday Spice

A Limited Edition variety which the company began selling November 1, 2004 in the U.S.A. and Canada for an 8-week period and again in the 2006 Christmas season. It is flavored with a seasonal finish of Cinnamon, somewhat similar to the Swedish Julmust.
(Christmas Pepsi : Almost identical to Pepsi Holiday Spice, with nutmeg and cocoa added to the ingredients list, and was marketed over the 2007 and 2008 Christmas seasons).

7. Pepsi Boom

A Caffeine, Sugar and Artificial Sweetener-Free Pepsi only sold in Germany, Italy and Spain.

8. Pepsi Blue Hawaii

A Limited Edition Pepsi released in Japan. A Pineapple and Lemon-Flavored Soda, Blue in Color.

9. Diet Pepsi Jazz

Jazz Flavored Colas only available in "Diet" styles. Introduced in July 2006 discontinued in 2009.
(1) Black Cherry French Vanilla
(2) Strawberries and Cream
(3) Caramel Cream (introduced Feb. 2007)

10. Crystal Pepsi

Discontinued; clear version of cola; introduced in 1992 and sold until 1993.
(1) Crystal from Pepsi : Discontinued (non-cola) citrus-flavored reformulation of Crystal Pepsi..
(2) Pepsi Clear : Clear soda released in Mexico as a limited edition during Christmas 2005, the Mexican equivalent of Crystal Pepsi

11. White Pepsi

Pepsi with Yogurt Flavor, available in Japan.

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